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ReelBooks is an accounting software specially designed to ease your accounting nightmares. It is a cloud-based platform that provides ease of use, speed and security to maintain accounts effectively while working on projects in real time. From basic accounting, bank reconciliation and project management to workflow automation and maintaining GST compliance, fast, easy, simple, real-time complete accounts management system may help you and your organisation obtain results quickly. Mahalasa Reelbooks does it all for you.

Why you will love

Mahalasa Reelbooks

Comes with the power of the Mahalasa Cloud, ensuring that your accounting is always operational and that your data is always accessible, secure, and safe. Use a variety of platforms and devices, set user roles, obtain bespoke reports, and have constant access to your financial information.

A To Z In Accounts

Mahalasa ReelBooks takes care of tedious accounting procedures so you can concentrate on running your business, from negotiating contracts to creating sales orders and invoices.

GST Made Simple

Make GST invoices, ascertain your tax obligation, and submit your tax returns directly. Mahalasa ReelBooks maintains GST compliance for your company with bulletin E-Invoice module

Hybrid / Cross

Mahalasa ReelBooks expands together with you; you can personalise it, add various modules, carry it with you on devices, and manage every facet of your business from any location.


Cloud Accounting

Since the Mahalasa ReelBooks programme relies on the internet to function, you can sign up using any internet-capable device, such as a computer or smartphone. Mahalasa ReelBooks software is always connected to the internet, where it receives data and is updated. Accounting software helps your business expand by carrying out a variety of financial tasks like creating electronic invoices and calculating GST. Mahalasa ReelBooks, always stays updated and new security patches are applied automatically from time to time.

Features Of

Mahalasa Reelbooks

We have offered variety of features, and keep updating Mahalasa ReelBooks, based on various customer feedback, We have designed ReelBooks to improve financial controls, close faster and produce accurate reports with real-time access to financial data, you can quickly drill into details to resolve issues and generate statements and disclosures to comply with multiple regulatory financial compliance requirements.


Manage your masters the way you want, name them the way you want, create your own relationship & auto no’s the way you wish to.

Unlimited Master Entry

Change, Update, Delete anytime

Auto sync with Central server

Manage personal tax rules

Users Projects Roles

Create Unlimited projects, and allow specific users, manage roles per user, allow specific ups, unlimited possibilities with various combination.

Create unlimited users

Create unlimited projects

Create various roles with settings

Assign user roles and projects on your choice

Allow & Block its for users

We understand how important your data is, we have created various layers for your data security

Purchase & Sales

With full flexibility, you can now create sales and purchase based on branch, project and further drill it down.

Create purchase register and link with various challans and ledgers

Create Invoice on the fly, with E-Invoice

Choose multiple bank for sales

Simple interface, helps you quickly start the most complex entry

Bank & Reports

Adjust your daily work with a sync from the bank, get connected through API and get every transaction details.

Create unlimited bank

Edit and Add entry

API ready system

We understand your software & banking requirement chars why we have designed to be flexible.

Clients & Vendors

Create & Manage vendors, enter their details, relationship and lot more details, create branches and expand as you grow.

Create unlimited Vendor & Client Ledger

Create unlimited Branch with GST & Tax details

Enter multiple details and keep expanding

You can import, export your ledgers from any system

Monitor, Analyse
Grow With Reelbooks

Instant, generic, and dynamic reports

Annotate, export to XLS and see the detail of reports easily.

Limitless reports,
any time

To allow you to correctly manage your financial and legal

TAX & Compliance

Get government-compliant tax reports in either accrual or cash basis methods.

Formats & More

Spreadsheets allow you to create, analyse, and store reports while utilising data

Compare & Project

Get government-compliant tax reports in either accrual or cash basis methods


Simply click on the report lines to rapidly access important information. management and

Designed for

Simplicity Designed
For Stability

Manage with unlimited user accounts

Enter data project based or branch based and get reports

Clear and detailed dashboard

Works across platform and device

Effortless manage documents

Backup your data anytime, one click download


ReelBooks is accounting software that was created specifically to make your accounting nightmares less painful. It is a cloud-based platform that enables effective account maintenance while working on projects in real time. It also offers speed and security.Mahalasa ReelBooks offers a wide range of tools to help you efficiently handle your accounting requirements. Mahalasa Infosolution LLP created ReelBooks, which has the ability to be used differently depending on the industry. THE STORY OF MAHALASA INFOSOLUTION LLP

Mahalasa Infosolution LLP we are a mumbai based company, was founded to simplify business operation issues, industry-specific with assistance from our mentor and our advisor, CA Vinay Emmanuel, to make accounting software simple. It all began one fine evening during the height of Corona Lockdown when two techies (Mr. Ganapathy and Mrs. Annette) met during an evening walk. After three minutes of discussion, the idea was stuck. The team was chosen, and the idea got underway to create accounting software that keeps up with changing governmental regulations, incorporates other apps, and builds a platform that can function without being dependent on or resource-hungry.

Our goal is to deliver software that runs smoothly for every user and business while being intuitive, fully featured, closely connected, and easy to upgrade.

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