Why am I getting a Domain has exceeded the max defers and failures per hour error?

            September 4, 2019

Why am I getting a Domain has exceeded the max defers and failures per hour error?

To help stop spam, we have started monitoring the amount of emails that each account sends out which result in bounce backs. If our system detects that xx% or more of the emails being sent out from an account are resulting in defers or failures (bounce backs), the system will prevent the account from sending out any further emails for up to one calendar hour/ 1hour.

Why am i getting this.

1) You are sending emails to some domain / email id which is bouncing back.

2) You are trying to reach a mail box which is full/ overflowing and bouncing.

3) You got a email from someone and you cooly clicked on reply all the original email had say 20 recipient and 2 email ids failed.

The reason for the above could be anything, but here you require patience !

How can I fix this?

This error is derived from an hourly monitoring system, where any blocked domains are allowed to send email again at the top of every hour. For example, if you received this error at 2:45pm, the block will release at 3:00pm and the domain will be able to send emails out once more.


To prevent max defers and failures per hour error messages please check the following:

    -- Ensure your account is not sending spam. Always ensure that your password is kept safe and not easily available to hackers.

    -- Check your mail delivery reports in your Mahahosting.com Web control panel. If you see a large number of delivery failures from one of your email addresses then we recommend immediately changing your mailbox password and virus scanning all your devices.

    -- Always have your machine checked with www.malwarebyte.com its free or microsoft security essential.

   -- Try to avoid OUTLOOK instead use ThunderBird or Some other mail client.

   -- We dont allow mass emails or long listed emails also ensure that none of your mailing ids are broken.

Once you are done with all this, wait for a few mins and then try, it should get back to normalcy.

If yu are still having issues or error we always recommend you reaching our Support Team from https://www.mahalasa.co.in/contact.php